Imagine being able to escape for a whole hour and transport yourself to a warm, impenetrable, silent sanctuary – an oasis of divine calm where stresses simply drift away. Replenish your soul, revitalise your senses and experience the benefits of the deepest relaxation available, where all you need to do is lie back, relax and let the warm, buoyant Epsom Salt solution support you.

A reset button for the mind and body…

At Calm Water Floatation we provide a truly unique concept in relaxation therapy at our state-of-the-art centre in West Bridgford, Nottingham (the very first in the Midlands).

Research has shown that Floatation Therapy can have a significant & positive impact on our wellness, both physically and mentally by helping to relieve stress & tension, elevating mood and improving the quality of sleep. It does all this by creating an environment in which the body and mind can completely relax, shifting brain waves from our waking state to levels associated with deep sleep. It is the complete darkness, silence, freedom from the sense of touch & gravity that allows the primary senses to be deceived, leaving the brain with very little left to do and so it begins to slow, trigging a relaxed state so profound the brain and body are fooled into believing the other is asleep (without necessarily being so). The body now switches to night time mode where it rests, resets and rebuilds ready for the new day ahead and a float session can be so powerful that it can be the equivalent of a full, undisturbed nights sleep!

The Benefits of Float Therapy

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Why Epsom Salts, what are they good for?

There is one very good reason we use Magnesium Sulphate (or Epsom Salts) in our Float pods…Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) has been used for centuries as an effective cure all, especially for the easing of muscular aches and for the treatment of bruises. Magnesium is the second-most abundant element in human cells and the fourth-most important positively charged ion in the body, so it is little wonder this low-profile mineral is so vital to good health and well being.

Magnesium, the major component of Epsom Salt, also helps to regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and performs a vital role in orchestrating many bodily functions, from muscle control and electrical impulses to energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins from the body. Being one of the few minerals we can absorb through the skin, a Float session is a great way of topping up your bodies level of Magnesium & Sulphates (as well as all the other benefits your session will bring of course!) Researchers and physicians report that raising your magnesium levels may:

While increasing your magnesium levels, Epsom Salts also delivers Sulphates, which are extremely difficult to get through food but also readily absorb through the skin. Sulphates serve a wide variety of functions in the body, playing a vital role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the Mucin proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. Sulphates also stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and are believed to help detoxify the body’s residue of medicines and environmental contaminants.

You don’t need the 600 plus kilo’s we have in the float Pod as Epsom Salt Baths at home are an excellent way of combting stress and alleviating muscular aches and pains. Simply add 100-200g of Epsom Salt to warm bath water for a soothing and stress reducing effect. You can also massage a small amount of Epsom Salt over wet skin to cleanse, exfoliate and soften rough spots. The salt bath can also help to promote a good night’s sleep. For best results soak in the bath for twenty minutes. Important Notice: If you have any medical condition it is important to seek the advice of your GP before taking Epsom Salt Baths.

Now you know all about the benefits of Floatation and Epsom Salts why not take the plunge and get in touch.