Clinical Benefits

The clinical benefits of Floatation Therapy are a hot topic in many circles of the medical profession and are being proven to have wide ranging and far reaching benefits.
This section of our website documents some of that research and the benefits of REST, supported by the research findings and evidence. Some of the clinical studies can be very scientific, often very extensive and quite heavy going in some instances, so we have attempted to provide a short synopsis to the research and the associated findings that makes them more digestible, whilst still providing you with links to the original research papers should you wish to read them.
Find out about some of the many proven benefits of REST and what Floatation Therapy can do for you or those close to you.

Performance Athlete Recovery with REST

A 2014 academic study from the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, that investigates the benefits of REST and Floatation Therapy for Performance Athletes. This study looks in-depth at the intrinsic benefits that therapy can bring to any athletes performance, recovery and how it is able to significantly improve both. Read the full details and findings… Read more →