The articles posted here demonstrate that physical performance and mental agility can be improved and enhanced by using floatation therapy. With results provided and evidenced from a variety of sources, they demonstrate the benefits of reducing cortisol (which when increased in the body impairs cognitive ability). Therefore improving focus on performance and enhancing problem solving, creativity, memory retention and recall.
An unexpected side effect of recent research in to floatation therapy as a recovery tool has shown that muscular endurance and physical stamina are vastly improved during physical exertion.
Linking the physical and psychological benefits together can lead to drastic improvements in any area ,from performance in the sporting arena, to the corporate board room and everything in between.

Just 1 hour of Floatation Therapy triggers the body’s ability to…

Reduce: Stress, anxiety, pain from injury and medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high heart rate, muscle tension, back pain. Improve: Low mood and depression, sleep problems and Insomnia, creative thinking and problem solving and concentration strength and span, cardio vascular efficiency, uptake of nutrients and oxygen. Strengthen: The Immune system, Lymphatic System drainage and Toxin removal, self… Read more →

Olympic sprinter Adam Gemili

Team GB Sprinter Adam Gemili on relaxation, recovery & Floatation

Our good friend Adam Gemili talks about injury recovery, performance and how relaxation following competition and training helps him to de-stress and unwind using our Floatation Pods here at Calm Water. “Being mentally strong is as important as being physically strong, if not more. If you’ve got two athletes and they’re both in a great place physically then the one… Read more →

We Are Human

We are all remarkably human…

Whether you’ve floated 100 times before or are thinking of taking the plunge for your first, we can’t recommend enough this podcast by the guys at Remarkably Human! A complete and total, extremely grounded, 360 degree exploration of Floatation Therapy… Check it out here… Read more →

Man relaxing in floatation tank

Australian Sports Commission cites benefits of REST

The Australian Sports Commission has cited the benefits of REST and floatation therapy for professional athletes all the way back in 2004! The article in their monthly publication was related to controlling emotions and sports persons managing this through psycho-regulatory training (PRT), and even back then refer to is as one of “the most frequently used PRT techniques”. Even over a decade… Read more →

Row Row Row Your Boat…

A study performed in 1999 by Sean Richardson studied the effects of ‘Enhancing Mental Training and Rowing Ergometer Performance through Flotation REST’. In this study the effects on performance are measured of rowers and how they benefit from Floatation. The study clearly demonstrates how performance athletes are able to use Floatation Therapy to improve almost every area of their performance from… Read more →

Train harder with ASC

An in-depth evidence based study performed by Karlstad & Göteborg Universities in Sweden has established that by achieving a higher Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) through Floatation Therapy enables you to recover from pain more effectively. This, coupled with the added benefit of Floatation Therapy on injury recovery, will facilitate the improvement of both training and recovery, therefore enhancing and improving overall performance… Read more →

Performance Athlete Recovery with REST

A 2014 academic study from the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, that investigates the benefits of REST and Floatation Therapy for Performance Athletes. This study looks in-depth at the intrinsic benefits that therapy can bring to any athletes performance, recovery and how it is able to significantly improve both. Read the full details and findings… Read more →