Benefits of stress management

This paper looked at data from a variety of studies and research papers and focused on the benefits of secondary prevention, relaxation techniques being one of the most popular techniques for stress management.

All relaxation techniques focus on reducing muscle tension, calming the mind, reducing symptoms of stress, and improving wellbeing. There are many relaxation techniques that are well documented and researched, however this study focused solely on Flotation Therapy otherwise referred to as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST).

The primary aim of this particular study was to investigate Floatation REST as a stress management tool. The results demonstrated that Floatation has a positive effect on well-being, physiology and performance and appeared more effective compared to other relaxation techniques such as, relaxation exercises, biofeedback or simply sitting comfortably on a sofa. It also established that repeated participation in Floatation generated a vast improvements in the benefits experienced.

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