Floatation = Preventative Healthcare

Published in 2014, a BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine article looked at research from Anette Kjellgren and Jessica Westman investigating the ‘Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention’.

Their study looked at the common backgrounds related to ill health such as; stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, burnout and insomnia and how they are commonly linked to sick-leave absence from the workplace. An element of the study focused on the potential benefits of floatation as part of a healthcare program to maintain mental and physical fitness and reduce the aforementioned issues, therefore reducing the need for absence from the workplace.

The research program was a scientific study of the effect of Flotation REST on the participants and a extensively documented. The findings were very interesting and established, through evidence based research, that Floatation REST can, in healthy participants, actively reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even pain experienced, in turn influencing an overall improvement in general health. In theory this could reduce sick-leave absences from the workplace, however only time will tell.

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