Floatation thoughts…

The following quotes are take directly from a very interesting study by Anette Kjellgren, Francisca Lyden, and Torsten Norlander of Karlstad University Sweden that garnered peoples opinions of floatation therapy, their experiences and its effects and impact on them as individuals.

Comments and feedback was taken from the subjects at varying stages of the study and they were asked about different aspects of the floatation therapy. The overarching findings cover such a wide range are we just thought we’d pull some of the interesting ones out for you to read. You can see the full research paper by clicking here.

Positive thoughts on floating;

“It is incredible. I feel very privileged having this opportunity to participate in flotation.”

“Then a bonus is the feeling of such internal calm that lasts for a while and yes, I feel like I am being helped not just the pain. I can help myself by floating, so of course it is worth it.”

“The first time I thought, what is it going to be like? And then it felt so good I was irritated when I had to get out.”

“It is just so good to float, so I guess there are only good things to say about it.”

“It is a very pleasant type of relaxation lying there weightless. It is a good feeling when your thought stop somehow as you put yourself in that weightless state…”
“I quickly enter a meditative state.”

Some comments following float sessions;

“I just rested away from everything…”

“My thoughts just wandered and I thought of many things and then it dissipated. It is sort of like just before going to sleep, life passes by.”

“The weightlessness is what distinguishes it from everything else in life…”

“Today it was like a movie, but it is my own thoughts, I know that, but it is something more.”

Several participants also commented on sensations of experiencing an altered state or out of body experience;

“Then it does not always happen, but sometimes I have the sensation of being transformed into a bird. And I am equally surprised each time it happens, like wow now I can fly and glide, yes fly-glide, so to speak and it is a great feeling being a sailing bird. And I always feel happy afterwards,
when I have had such a floating sensation.”

“I hear music, but there was no music, but I heard music.” “I felt like I was in a fetal
state, like I was in the uterus and it was my first time in the tank. So I guess the best time
in the tank was the first time…”

“I feel like my body is somewhere else, I feel like I do not have a body. And it was particularly evident when I was out in space, then I really felt like my body, it was down there on earth. I was somewhere else and I could go anywhere I wanted, I kind of thought, yes I can go there and
boom there and it felt good not having to carry this body. It felt good…”