Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, just yourself.  We have everything you need for your session – we supply organic ‘faith in nature’ toiletries, your towel and ear plugs for your float.  Then we have our vanity room, where you can take time to use the hairdryers etc.  Then finally, you’re welcome to spend time ‘post float’ in our chill out room whilst enjoying a complimentary fruit or herbal tea.

I can’t swim, or even float in a swimming pool!  Can I use a Float Pod?

Yes, absolutely.  The density of the Epsom Salt solution means it fully supports your body without any effort on your part…Think of it as your own little, private Dead Sea.  It is impossible to sink, you ‘float’ approximately half in and half out of the water with your face completely clear of the surface.  In fact, it is actually quite hard to even push your hands to the bottom of the pod without great effort, and you can’t hold them there for long before the buoyancy makes them bob back to the surface!  You and an elephant could both use a Float Pod and you’d both Float effortlessly (we haven’t actually tried this, no one would lend us an Elephant), but the theory is supported by the Universal laws of Physics.

What do I wear in the float Pod?

Nothing it all, it’s birthday suit time!  If you were to wear a swimsuit or shorts, you are providing your brain with a sensory input – a sense of touch everywhere the costume is touching your skin and will prevent the brain and central nervous system from fully relaxing….But don’t worry, your room is completely private and self-contained with the i-sopod and our lovely huge shower enclosures.

Is there anything I should do to prepare? 

It’s not a good idea to float hungry or thirsty as a rumbling tummy or a dry mouth can be very distracting.  If floating during the day, eat normally – just avoid anything to ‘heavy’ right before your session.  If Floating in the evening and before your evening meal, have a light snack.  Nick’s favourite is some fruit, bananas especially!

Arrive in plenty of time before your session – we always ask clients to arrive 15 to 20 mins before their session.  Rushing through the door, stressed because you’re late will mean it’ll take longer for you to settle into your session!

Ladies – don’t wax or shave for at least 24 hours before your session, and Gents – don’t shave on the morning of your session.  The salt water can make open pores ‘tingle’, or if you cut yourself, it will sting – both would be very distracting.

Is there anyone who should avoid Floating?

There are only one or two medical conditions that would prevent you from Floating.  For safety reasons, you must be fully mobile and able to enter and leave the Pod unaided (although this is no more difficult than getting in and out of a normal household bath).  If you have any concerns, give us a call at the centre and we can discuss it further with you.

If you have any sort of cold, ear, nose, or throat infection or an upset tummy, you will not be able to use the Float Pods until 48 hours after you have recovered.  Small cuts and grazes can be covered with a thin layer a vasaline, or a water proof plaster, but you will not be able to float with any fresh or open wound – you wouldn’t want to anyway – that would really sting!

Finally, if you have recently dyed your hair (reds especially) or your hair ‘leaks’ colour, you will not be able to float until the colour has stopped leaching off of your hair.

I’m Claustrophobic, but really want to try Floating, any advice? 

Simply?  Just do it.  There is nothing in the i-sopod that isn’t under your full control.  You are never ‘locked’ in.  The internal light is under your control for the whole time, but here’s the clever part…With the lights off and the effect of the float pod you completely loose ALL special awareness.  You will have no idea how big or small the space you are in actually is, as you have no sensory input to be able to work it out!  A Float session is a relaxing activity – we’re not here to torture you!  We’ve had many people who were either Claustrophobic or just nervous, who (to their power) went for it and really enjoyed it.  Finally, we can guarantee that the i-sopod is a LOT bigger than you think it is.  Give it a go, it could be extremely empowering for you and may even change your life!

Can I float if I’m menstruating?

Yes, simply take the same precautions you would if you were going swimming.  If you feel you need to cancel, then no drama’s, just give us a call and let us know.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely, especially in the later stages! Floating can really help all the extra aches and pains a big bump inevitably brings with it!  It can also help ease any worries or anxieties and help you sleep.  Finally, a calm Mum certainly means a calm baby.  We’ve had many Mums to be float with us and all have found it incredibly helpful and many have become members since.  The only thing we advise is wait until you are past the 12 week stage.  There is no risk at all to you or baby from Floatation Therapy, it’s just safest to avoid doing anything unusual in the first trimester.  Because of the healthy amount of Magnesium and it’s Sulphates you can absorb whilst floating, we also recommend you mention it to your Doctor or Health Visitor to ensure they are happy for you to float.

What if I fall asleep, could I drown?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!   The solution makes you so buoyant it is almost impossible to turn over (or even onto your side).  To do so you’d have to really work hard at it and it’s not something that’s ever happened.

How are the pods cleaned?

The i-sopod is the market leader in its design and the materials used to construct the pod itself and the filtration system.  First of all, every client showers before their float session,  Next, the entire 1100 litre solution is passed through a 1 micron filter, four times between users.  (For those of you who aren’t engineers, one micron is 1/1000 of a mm and a human hair is around 40 -50 microns!)  Our filters are fine enough to remove everything from body and hair oils to bacteria!  The solution is then kept completely sterile due to the incredibly high salt content and finally disinfectant similar to that used in swimming pools, only at much, much lower doses is injected into the solution between every client as the pod filters and heats ready for the next client.   All of the custom made pipework in the i-sopod is constructed from medical grade stainless steel and finally, the pods are tested daily to ensure they are sterile, the Ph balance is perfect for user comfort and that the solution remains at it’s calibrated density using only Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salt.

We’re really obsessive about the cleanliness of our centre and our pods as we feel it is one of the most important factors in making your visits as relaxing and enjoyable as we possibly can!

Will I feel disorientated afterwards and will I be safe to drive home?

Some clients come out of the tank a little drowsy, but you can take time to fully come back to the real world by simply taking some time in our chill out room.  Other clients come bouncing out the pods full of energy!  Either way, you’ll simply feel awesome after your session!  And yes, you are perfectly safe to drive – you will not be impaired in any way at all.

How many sessions before I will start to feel the benefit and how often should I float?

Each person is an individual and it would also depend on why you’re coming to us, but nearly everyone experiences the positive impact of Floatation Therapy after just one session.  We recommend you float at least three times to ensure you have fully settled into your sessions and have given yourself the chance to feel the effects.  From there out it’s up to you how often you Float, but all of the clinical research has indicated that a session every four weeks is the maximum time you can leave between sessions and still feel and maintain the cumulative effects.

I have a gift voucher that has expired, can I still use it? 

If it was a full priced voucher, yes.  If it was a ‘special offer’ Intro pack or membership, then you can still use the value of the voucher, but must make up the difference to a full price session. – See T&C’s or call for confirmation.

Is this ‘Alternative’, ‘Hippy Trippy’, ‘New Age’ Nonsense?

Absolutely Not! Have a look at the research section of our website to see the overwhelmingly positive results from the 100’s of clinical trials that have been undertaken on a variety of physical and psychological issues and treatment of them using Floatation Therapy, going as far back as the 1950’s and 60’s.

Stress, anxiety and Insomnia are some of the hardest issues for modern medicine to treat.  All have been proven to be alleviated by Floatation.  What about physical issues?  ‘bad backs’ to Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, accident recovery to sports injuries – all treatable using Floatation Therapy.