Row Row Row Your Boat…

A study performed in 1999 by Sean Richardson studied the effects of ‘Enhancing Mental Training and Rowing Ergometer Performance through Flotation REST’. In this study the effects on performance are measured of rowers and how they benefit from Floatation.

The study clearly demonstrates how performance athletes are able to use Floatation Therapy to improve almost every area of their performance from training, to recovery through to mental agility. Findings illustrated that as well as improvements to gross motor skills, such as speed, power, and endurance, there was also an increase in fine motor skills as well, for example, increased control over complex coordinated movements. These two combined benefits of Floatation can have a collaborative effect on any athletes performance and opportunities to improve, irrespective of their chosen discipline or level of ability. As performance athletes are all aware of it is often those small percentage improvements that have the largest impact over the long term.

To read more on this take a look at the full research paper here.