The human body has evolved over thousands of years to exist as a reasonably happy creature, moving through life with a naturally inquisitive and positive outlook on the world.  Our chemical and hormonal composition is finely balanced to keep our mood elevated and the physical body relaxed.

When in this relaxed state, we feel contented and at ease and this should only be disturbed when we have a problem to solve, we are ill or injured, we are threatened or are fearful.  Then, and only then should our stress response be triggered, but it is the pace of modern life which holds our stress response at elevated levels when there in fact is no true threat.  This can lead to a wealth of physical and mental health issues including anxiety, depression, auto-immune conditions, insomnia, digestive issues and many more.

The stresses we experience in modern life come in three very different forms, Physical, Emotional and Environmental but all lead to the same end problem – ill health and not ‘getting the best from life’.

Physical stress can come from poor sleep patterns and lack of ‘down time’, injury, illness, over exertion, poor diet or allergies and intolerances to foods or chemical additives.

Emotional stress is the one we all think of when we say ‘I feel stressed’ – this can be an unresolved problem, emotional ‘upset’ or grieving for a loss.

Environmental stress is something of a new phenomenon and the causes are varied and wide ranging, mostly things we wouldn’t even think of causing some sort of stress because they have become a part of everyday life.  This can be anything from the street light outside your bedroom causing visual stimuli to the brain whilst we try to sleep to the rumble of distant traffic causing audible stimuli.  What about the smart phone you use as your alarm clock and the last thing you look at before bed that sends a signal to your brain that it’s actually dawn (from the specific frequency of light given off by the screens LED backlight) and switching off your ‘ready for sleep’ processes and placing your body and brain into a state of argument over whether its bedtime or time to get up!

The levels of stress and stimuli we all experience are not something that we are necessarily well designed for. It is commonly understood in many areas of modern medicine that the high levels of stimuli we are experiencing are overloading us, both physically and mentally and there is a growing idea that we have reached a break point, where our technology and lifestyles have now exceeded what the human body has evolved to cope with!

Floatation is the tool and the therapy that is designed to deal with the persistent and constantly rising ‘chronic’ stress that modern life surrounds us with and simply provides an environment where we can truly ‘relax’ and allow our bodies to ‘reset’ themselves.