A floatation session begins with you, our client checking in for your 90 minute appointment.

From the outset, we wanted to make your visit to Calm Water a relaxing and calming experience as possible, so the design of our centre is inspired by both the i-sopod itself and our travels through South east Asia and India. Clean lines and modern design are softened with subtle Buddhist and Hindu influenced art. Upon arrival you will complete our contact form, choose a 10 minute piece of relaxing audio for your session and will then be shown to your private, lockable room, provided with towels and organic toiletries by Faith In Nature, instructed in the use of the i-sopod and finally, how to get the best experience from your session. Each client first showers, dries their face, inserts the earplugs provided, steps into the pod, closes the lid and lays back and relaxes, ready for the 60 minute Floatation session.

To initially aid your relaxation, your chosen piece of soft, ambient sound will be played directly into the pod through specialised underwater speakers and the LED lighting (which you control) can be turned off to provide complete darkness. As your audio fades, it is during the next 45 minutes (with all senses effectively cut off) that the effects of Floatation begin. You will enter a state of body and mind as previously described, from deeply relaxed or maybe taking the time to engage in some┬ádistractionless thinking time…

Every session in a float pod can be different… Sometimes you will sleep, sometimes you will be awake for the whole hour, but deeply relaxed and able to re-order an overly full mind! During most sessions, you will move gently between the two states, but whatever happens, it is simply what you needed that day.

After 45 minutes of being in this dream-like state you will be gently roused with a further 5 minutes of audio and the LED lighting fades back in indicating that its time to leave the pod. You will then shower again to wash away the salt solution and dress before leaving your private room. In our post float area, fresh water, hair dryers and complementary toiletries are available.


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Time can then be taken to ‘wake up’ and reflect on your session in our post float chill out area where you can enjoy a herbal tea, or chat with us about Floating and the benefits or maybe cast an eye over the many research papers we have into the benefits of Floatation before leaving the centre, ready to face the world again and feeling like a new you!